A Well Remembered Voice

Can the dead speak to us? Jack died in the trenches only weeks ago. His mother believes a séance will allow her to communicate with him. His father is sceptical. Yet it is to this stubborn, quiet man that a well-remembered voice speaks out of the darkness, forcing him to confront his grief and question how he and his wife can possibly move on from the grief engulfing them.

Io Theatre Company’s stirring production realises a play not seen on stage for nearly a century. Performed by four actor musicians, it combines live instrumental music, sung text and physical theatre, setting elegiac folk song against militaristic bombast and the youthful vigour of the playing field. It has been developed in conjuction with the University of Hertfordshire’s First World War Engagement Centre Everyday Lives in War, which aims to connect communities with the First World War as part of the Centenary, in part by bringing wartime plays to modern audiences.

Directed by DELYTH JONES
Music written and directed by JAMES LARK
Lighting design by SHERRY COENEN