The Confessions of Fanny Cradock

December 1994: a lonely, impoverished one-time TV star, now a fading joke from a forgotten era, dies. But Fanny Cradock always knew that it wouldn’t end there. Waiting for her on the other side is her long-suffering husband, Johnnie. Together they must account for their lives in front of the shadowy reincarnation panel, fighting against reputation and prejudice to prove that they are worthy of another go at life. Fortunately they always believed in reincarnation, and have arrived fully prepared to revisit the highs and lows of a life and career in the limelight, using live cookery a series of increasingly extravagant reconstructions to convince the panel to give them another shot at existence. The audience will sample her food, witness her Lady Macbeth, follow her around the world and get to grips with her most disgraceful moments before deciding her future with a public vote.

The show is punctuated by songs and musical set pieces, a sparking new score underpinning the emotional highs and lows of the story with humour and pathos. Performed completely live by two actor musicians, this is a theatrical and culinary tour de force, the likes of which has never quite been seen before.

The Confessions of Fanny Cradock has been supported in development by the Young Vic Theatre, The Marine Theatre and Sophie’s Barn. Details of the first full production to follow soon…