The Snow Spider

‘Time to find out if you are a magician, Gwydion Gwyn!’

Everything changes on Gwyn Griffiths’ ninth birthday, when five strange gifts unlock the door to a series of exciting discoveries. Gwyn is drawn into a dangerous adventure and must confront powerful forces from the past if he is to come to terms with his own future – but he has the help of Arianwen, a silver spider from another world…

Jenny Nimmo’s award-winning book is brought to life in a performance combining breathtaking physical theatre with enchanting live music to evoke the magic and wildness of rural Wales in a timeless show for adults and young people. Following a critically acclaimed run at Ovalhouse in 2012, Io Theatre Company toured the show in Christmas 2013. 

“The play is light, humorous, energetic, and moving beyond expectation.” Breaking a Leg Hurts 

“Every member of the audience was enthralled for the duration of this mesmerising, heartfelt and magnificent story. It is a performance I would wholeheartedly recommend, no matter what your age.” One Stop Arts